AMR/AMI RF Transmitters <1GHz

Many utilities face significant challenges in the areas of consumption management
Advanced, fixed-network, metering and management of energy, electricity, gas, and/or water can enable:
Better resources management, operations and logistics support
Savings through preventive maintenance and support
Karrya’s technology and proven experience can provide utility companies with tools to achieve these goals, with the best cost/performance solution.
Karrya is partnering with the leading technology vendors to accomplished it’s offering
Applications includes:
- Utility (Meters, Sensors)
- Industrial (Sensors, Programmable Controllers)
- Environmental (Sensors)
- Agricultural (Sensors, Water Meters)
- Sub Metering
- Assets Management

Karrya is offering Several variants of transmitters, according to:
- Various countries’ certification regulation frequencies
- Low / High power choice
- Can be mixed in same network
- TCP/IP connectivity (IP-based system)
- Printed / internal / external antenna

Karrya wireless AMR/AMI technology includes:
- Point to Multi Point and Mesh (multi hop) topologies support
- VHF/UHF (150-500MHz, 860MHz) & ISM (900MHz)
- Bi-Directional or Uni-directional communication
- Off the shelf transmitters or OEM modules option
- Transmitters I/F: Digital input RS232/RS-485 or Analog input
- Gateway I/F: IP over ETH or USB or Serial
- High capacity high throughput
- From 10mW up to 1W
- Up to 2Km in range
- Outdoor installation
- Low power (Runs on Batteries)
- Internal or external antenna

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