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KARRYA provides telecommunications solutions and services to telecom operators throughout North America, Europe, Fareast and Middle East. . Solutions include backhauling and data offload, while Services include strategic planning, network deployment planning, engineering,design, and implementation, spectrum consulting, project management, and testing support. Our technical expertise includes wire and wireless carriers, including voice, video and data applications for fixed and mobile applications.
Our experienced professional telecom team ensures that you receive top-quality comprehensive planning and engineering services. Each staff member has worked for a company in the telecommunications field for a number of years prior to joining our team.
KARRYA can help you with System definition and requirements, running RFP process with a multi vendors environment up to a full turnkey solution if required.
KARRYA can help you analyze, evaluate, find alternatives, design, select the cost effective solution, test and EXECUTE!
In today fast evolving technologies in the telecommunications, it's easy to be confused about which solution to pursue. We have proven experience in developing technology plans, system designs and project plans in dynamic telecommunications environments.
Without a vision for the future we believe you will have no basis for making solid decisions about your system design and technology selections. We are experts at helping our clients develop a telecommunications vision and make it happen

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