PtP & PtMP Wireless Backhaul <5GHz


KARRYA is an innovative leader in smart wireless solutions, including carrier-class outdoor Wi-Fi and backhauling solutions. The KARRYA Wireless Backhauling systems, KAR7000 and KAR8000, are backhaul systems based on the modified 802.16e technology. The KAR7000 and KAR8000 provide an affordable, cost effective alternative to wire line or alternative microwave solutions. KAR7000 is the backhaul feeder connected to the operator network on the wire side, while KAR8000 is the backhaul client that connects to the KAR7000 feeder on the wireless side.
As the IP network becomes more and more distributed like HSPA+, WiMAX and LTE Pico-cells or video surveillance and other homeland security systems, a solution of high capacity, low OPEX and CAPEX wireless backhaul becomes essential. The KARRYA Wireless Backhauling systems, KAR7000 and KAR8000 are designed to meet this demand
KAR7000 and KAR8000 meet the needs for high capacity, affordable, and simple Wireless Backhauling for NLOS (none line of sight) and LOS environment
The KAR7000 and KAR8000 unit is a unified, small, all outdoor with attached X Pole antenna and very simple single interface. These features allow simple, one man installation and a very low maintenance cost
The KAR7000 and KAR8000 system flexibility allows the usage as a solution for all wireless backhauling needs: from high capacity long range LOS P2P link to several medium capacity point to multi point links in NLOS environment
The combination of low cost low maintenance units with flexible and configurable system and the superior wireless technologies, positions KAR7000 and KAR8000 as the best bit / $ and best bit / MHz wireless backhauling solution.
The KAR7100 is supported by KARRYA management system – KAR NMS, and can be easily connected to other NMS system via MIB or northbound interface.

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